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Annual Appeal

Dear Colleagues:

In 2014, the USLSSHA has had a number of successful accomplishments:

  • We held our 18th annual meeting in Stuart, Florida at the site of the last surviving USLSS House of Refuge. Along with trips to other local historic sites and museums, we had the opportunity for the first time to establish important liaisons with local historical societies in that region of Florida which are actively engaged in preserving the history of the service there.
  • We have continued to increase the number of active USCG stations that are sponsored by our members, to a total of 82 stations by 32 members, covering a large geographic area including Florida and the Pacific Coast. This sponsorship allows the station to receive all four issues of Wreck & Rescue each year.
  • Sponsoring a station enables active duty Coast Guard men and women to learn about the history of the service and its traditions in ways that they might otherwise not receive in the normal course of their operations and activities.
  • We have improved the editing and publishing of Wreck & Rescue such that four issues are being published each year, with future coverage of and focus on the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the merger of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service and Life-Saving Service to form the Coast Guard.
  • We have completed a major upgrade to the Association’s website, which will provide enhancements in our ability to communicate and share historical information, documents, and images, and it is compatible with mobile phones and tablets.
  • The station inventory is being finalized, to include a web-based means of membership and public access. We’ve been working with a website designer and database developer to put the station inventory on our site as a searchable database. This is going well and we expect for the site to be functioning sometime in 2015.

The USLSSHA’ s mission is to promote, preserve and interpret the history of the U.S . Life-Saving Service for future generations. None of this would be possible without your continued financial support, so please consider making a donation to our annual appeal. Thank you very much for your consideration of and assistance with this goal.

Tim Dring, President