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Web cams are a unique way to see what is going on around the world without actually being there. Video or specialized cameras are hooked up to the internet to provide remote monitoring of sites you can’t physically visit at the moment. We have provided some links that we currently know of to various web cams around the country. All cams are listed by region, city, state and station. If you know of other web cams that are Life-Saving Service or US Coast Guard related, please e-mail us and let us know about them.

Note: Frequently hitting the reload or constant hot linking to web cams may cause them to go down or become overloaded, please view them responsibly so everyone can enjoy them.

Region- Great Lakes

Great Lakes Life-Saving Station Webcams

Muskegon, MI
Webcam -Muskegon Life-Saving Station

Region- West Coast

West Coast Life-Saving Station Webcams

Morro Bay, CA
USCG Station Morro Bay