Blue Point Station House

Private - Not open to the public

Currently used as a(n) Clubhouse

The Blue Point Station House was built in 1913

This Lorain Station House was designed by Victor Mindeleff


This station building's condition is Unknown


This station building is not endangered or threatened


This building was Moved and Altered

Station closed in 1936 and deactivated and abandoned in 1944. Station house was purchased by the Fire Island Summer Club in 1947 and moved by barge to its present location and renovated as a club house for the Club’s homeowners’ association.

Fire Island Summer Club is the name of the private family condominium association where the station house is located. It's used as a clubhouse for the association.


Fire Island Summer Club
Ocean Beach NY 11770

Owner Information

Summer Club Condominium Association
P.O. Box 37

Ocean Beach, NY 11770