Forge River Station House

Open to the public

Currently used as a(n) Lodging

The Forge River Station House was built in 1925?

This Chatham 2 (Forge River) Station House was designed by U.S. Coast Guard (R.A.R., S.J.L.M., & R.C.)


This station building's condition is Good


This station building is not endangered or threatened


This building was Moved and Altered

Station closed in 1947 and turned over to GSA in 1955. Station house survives but was moved to Ocean Beach Park in 1948 to become part of Flynn’s Hotel, now the Fire Island Hotel and Resort.

Station house is part of the Fire Island Hotel and Resort.


Open to the public  - Hotel open May 15th to October 15th

25 Cayuga Walk
Ocean Bay Park NY 117700

(631) 583-8000

Owner Information

Fire Island Hotel and Resort
25 Cayuga Walk
P.O. Box 372
Ocean Bay Park, NY 117700

(631) 583-8000