Tillamook Bay Boathouse

May or may not be open to the public

Currently used as a(n) Retail Store/Shop

The Tillamook Bay Boathouse was built in 1936 (at 2nd site)

This Boathouse (Roosevelt Type) Boathouse was designed by U.S. Coast Guard (P.H.P. & D.K.R)


This station building's condition is Good


This station building has been Unaltered


This station building is not endangered or threatened

Station still active at this site. Boathouse was sold to the Port of Garibaldi in the 1970s.

Boathouse is used as a bait and tackle shop. The second floor is an apartment.


South 7th Street
Garibaldi OR 97118

Owner Information

Port of Garibaldi
P.O. Box 10
402 South 7th Street
Garibaldi, OR 97118

(503) 322-3292

[email protected]