Velasco Boathouse

Open to the public

Currently used as a(n) Town/City Hall

The Velasco Boathouse was built in 1938? (at 2nd site)

This Boathouse (Roosevelt Type) Boathouse was designed by U.S. Coast Guard


This station building's condition is Good


This station building is not endangered or threatened


This building was Moved

Station closed in 2002 at this site and moved to a new location. Boathouse survives and is the City Hall for the Village of Surfside Beach, TX.

Boathouse moved approximately 370 yards to its present location in 1990. Boathouse doors were sealed when it became a city hall.


Open to the public  - Check with site for hours of operation

1304 Monument Drive
Surfside Beach TX 77541

(979) 233-1531

Owner Information

Village of Surfside Beach, TX
1304 Monument Drive

Surfside Beach, TX 77541

(979) 233-1531

[email protected]