Coney Island Station Site

New York City, NY

Also known as Coney Island

The Coney Island Station Site site was established in 1878


This is not an active site. It was active 1878-1899


This site was closed (in) 1899


This is the original site location


Designation number: NA

Station closed in 1899. No station buildings survive at this site.

Station Site Notes:

1877 An examination of all stations on Long Island revealed that new ones were required at Coney Island...and that it was advisable to change the locations of these stations; completed summer 1878, (Experimental Station); 1888 moved to new site; 1893 extensive repairs and improvements, some enlargement (USLSS Annual Reports). The 1878 Annual Report describes its rebuilding; "... during the summer a new and commodious station has been erected at Coney Island, in place of the old boat?house which stood there, and is now occupied by the crew. This station was given ampler dimensions than any other in the service, being designed for an experimental station as well as for the habitation of a crew, on account of its favorable location for conducting experiments with life?saving appliances and for testing the value of devices which may be presented for trial." Mention is made in the 1878 Annual Report that "ground for the new life?saving station at Coney Island was given by the New York and Manhattan Beach Railway Company." "Necessary repairs and improvements" were made at the station in 1893. In the 1900 Annual Report, the listing for the station is annotated with the comment "not in operation." (USCG Historian's Website).

Buildings at this Station Site

There are no surviving station houses at this site.

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