Eastport Station Site

Eastport, ME

Also known as Eastport

The Eastport Station Site site was established in 1970


This is an active site from 1970-present


This is the original site location


Designation number: NA

Station still active. 1970? station house survives and is a seasonal (small) station.

Station Site Notes:

Coast Guard Station Eastport was originally located at West Quoddy Head. As part of the First District streamlining, the West Quoddy location was closed in 1970 and a 6-person Search and RescueDET was established in the basement of the Eastport Post Office. On 1 March 1988, Eastport closed amidst much local protest and Station Jonesport covered the AOR. Search and RescueDET Eastport reopened on 1 May 1989 with an eight-person crew. In the early 1990s Search and Rescue DET Eastport was renamed Station Eastport. In 1995, Station Eastport was again on the closure list. However, due to local support following the summer Search and Rescue season, Eastport became a Station (small) with 6 billets, with Station Jonesport as its parent command (Station Website).

Buildings at this Station Site

The 1970? station house is surviving at this site

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