Erie Station Site (Presque Isle at this site)

Erie, PA

Also known as Presque Isle (1874-1882); Erie (1883-present)

The Erie Station Site (Presque Isle at this site) site was established in 1876


This site was closed (in) 1878 (at this site, still active at current [2nd] site)


This is an active site from 1876-1878


This is the original site location


Designation number: NA (236 at 2nd site)

Station closed in 1878 at this site and moved to a new location. 1876 station house moved to new site. No station buildings survive at this site.

Station Site Notes:

1874 site secured, plans and specs being prepared; 1875 contract entered into, building rapidly progressing; 1876 completed and put into operation; 1887 repairs made to boathouse; 1910 extensive repairs and improvements (USLSS Annual Reports). Station was moved in 1878 to a more advantageous location (USCG Historian's Website).

Buildings at this Station Site

There are no surviving station houses at this site.

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