Point Lookout Station Site

Hempstead, NY

Also known as Long Beach (east end) (1849-1882); Point Lookout (1883-1941). May have originally been called Barren Island.

The Point Lookout Station Site site was established in 1849


This is not an active site. It was active 1849-1935 (Listed as inactive 1936-1941)


This site was closed (in) 1935


This is the original site location


Designation number: 89

Station put on inactive status in 1935, closed in 1948, and sold to the Point Lookout Community Church. 1934 station house survives and is part of the Church.

Station Site Notes:

1878 repaired; 1886 contracts entered for repairs and enlargements; 1888 extensive repairs and enlargements made (USLSS Annual Reports). In 1936, the station is listed as a discontinued station in care of the Long Beach station. It remained so until World War II. The property was abandoned in 1948 (USCG Historian's Website). Point Lookout Station was...formally abandoned on June 10, 1948 (Point Lookout Church history?) In 1947 the congregation purchased the local Coast Guard Station from the government. Following many years of renovations, the building was eventually transformed into the beautiful church building it is to this day (Point Lookout Church Website).

Buildings at this Station Site

The 1934? station house is surviving at this site

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