Rockaway Station Site

Far Rockaway, NY

Also known as Rockaway Beach (east end) (1872-1882); Rockaway (1883-1922); Rockaway Point (1923-1939); Rockaway (1940-present)

The Rockaway Station Site site was established in 1872


This site was closed (in) 1999 (at this site, still active at current [2nd] site)


This is an active site from 1872-1921 and 1923-1999 (Listed as inactive 1922)


This is the original site location


Designation number: 91 (92)

Station closed in 1999 at this site and moved to a new location. Station turned over to the National Park Service as part of Gateway National Park. 1941 station house survives. 1913 station house does not survive but it did survive until at least 1960 when it was used as a recreation facility at the station.

Station Site Notes:

1878 repaired; 1886 contracts entered for repairs and enlargements; 1888 extensive repairs and enlargements made; 1912 contract entered for rebuilding old station; 1913 work completed. 1916 building to a new site (USLSS Annual Reports). The station is listed as "discontinued as an active unit" in 1922 and carried as such until 1934, when it disappeared from the records. From this point forward, the Rockaway Point station was referred to as Rockaway. In 1942 the station was relocated from the ocean side of the Rockaway area to the projected inlet side, at the foot of Marine Parkway Bridge, about a mile away from the original site (USCG Historian's Website).

Buildings at this Station Site

The 1941 station house is surviving at this site

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