Saint Joseph Station Site

Saint Joseph, MI

Also known as Saint Joseph

The Saint Joseph Station Site site was established in 1875


This site was closed (in) 1885 (at this site, still active at current [2nd] site)


This is an active site from 1875-1885


This is the original site location


Designation number: 287 (273)

Station closed in 1885 at this site and moved to a new location. 1875 station house was moved to the new site. Station house does not survive.

Station Site Notes:

1874 site secured, plans and specs being prepared; 1875 contract entered into, building rapidly progressing; 1876 established and put into operation; 1879 annex for boat wagons added; 1885 moved to a new site and enlarged (USLSS Annual Reports).

Buildings at this Station Site

There are no surviving station houses at this site.

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