Velasco Station Site (Freeport since 1938)

Freeport, TX

Also known as Velasco (1887-1937); Freeport (1938-present)

The Velasco Station Site (Freeport since 1938) site was established in 2002 (at this site, 1888 at original site)


This site was moved in NA. Active from 1878 to 1917 at original site, and from 1917 to 2002 at second site. (See Station ID # 298.1 and 298.2)


This is an active site from 2002-present


Designation number: NA

Station still active at this site. 2002 station house survives.

Station Site Notes:

1888 put into operation; 1914 site so badly damaged by flood that a change in location will be necessary; 1915 action deferred on moving location of buildings; 1916 site for new building selected and plans completed for station destroyed in a hurricane; 1917 station rebuilt on steel pilings elevated to clear high water during hurricanes to replace one destroyed in a hurricane (USLSS Annual Reports). In 1914 a severe storm completely destroyed the buildings and made an island of the site, thereby rendering the site useless for life?saving purposes. Station Freeport is a descendent of this station (USCG Historian's Website); 1963 original (1888) station burned; from June 1990 through May 1992, the new station was built on 7 acres adjacent to the old station for a cost of 4.1 million dollars. The old boathouse now serves as the meeting hall for the Village of Surfside (Station Website).

Buildings at this Station Site

The 2002 station house is surviving at this site

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