1897 Long Branch Boathouse Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy destroyed the last remaining historic U.S. Life-Saving Service building that remained on site on October 29th 2012. The 1897 Boathouse was reduced to a pile rubble after hurricane force winds and storm surge took the building down. In May of 2012 after years of speculation and controversy, the 1876 and the 1903 Port Huron Style Stations were moved to private property of the developer Douglas Jemal at 900 Ocean Avenue. If the buildings would not have been moved in May, they most likely would have not survived the storm. The 1876 building is being used as a pool house and plans are not set yet for the Port Huron style station as reported in various media outlets.Please see our endangered stations page for information about other threatened stations. At this time, all other stations have survived the storm structurally. Some have had minor flooding and sand encased around them, but are still standing.