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Wreck & Rescue


Join the USLSSHA and receive our quarterly journal, Wreck & Rescue. This full-color magazine features articles and regular columns pertaining to the history of the Life-Saving Service, the Coast Guard and other related entities. You’ll look forward to receiving your next issue of our educational and entertaining publication!


Volume 20, Number 2 – Wreck and Rescue (Summer 2019)

  • Death of the Coast Guard’s First Historian
  • The USLSS Station Pea Island Cookhouse Museum by James Charlet
  • “Semper Paratus” – Coast Guard Men and Women in Hurricane Maria by J. Edwin Nieves MD
  • Plum Island Station Shines Bright Once Again by Mary Beth Volmer
  • The Nuova Ottavia Shipwreck: Its Impact on the USLSS by Mel Poole
  • New Painting Brings Surfmen’s History to Life by Catherine Kozak

Volume 20, Number 1 – Wreck and Rescue (Spring 2019)

  • Join us for a Fascinating Conference in the Lake Ontario Region by Patricia Ryder
  • Niagara Falls and the Sand Scow, 1918 by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • A Glimpse Into an Annual Report of the USLSS by David Schroeder
  • The Wreck of the Gasoline Launch Gerald D, November 12 1908 by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Amphibians: Part of Coast Guard Aviation: a further discussion
  • Fire Fighting Equipment at the Old Harbor Life-Saving Station by Richard Ryder

Volume 19, Number 4 – Wreck and Rescue (Winter 2019)

  • Arcturus: A Distinguished Amphibian in the History of Coast Guard Aviation by William H. Thiesen
  • History of the Spanish Life-Saving Society: Arecibo Local Board, Puerto Rico by Daniel Mora-Ortiz
  • Challenge Coins: From Identifiers to Tokens of Esteem by Debbie Allyn Jett

Volume 19, Number 3 – Wreck and Rescue (Fall 2018)

  • Remembering a Coast Guard Hero: Andy Fitzgerald by Nancy Viall Shoemaker
  • Report on the Annual Conference: Outer Banks, North Carolina by Patricia N. and Richard G. Ryder
  • The Outer Banks USLSSHA 2018 Annual Meeting: Why so many Shipwrecks in this Graveyard of the Atlantic by James D. Charlet
  • Wreck of the Steam Tug USS Triana, 1891 by Richard G. Ryder
  • David Jarvis, the Early Bering Sea Patrol and the Famous Overland Relief Expedition by William H. Thiesen
  • The Unique Rescue Craft Assigned to the USLSS/USCG Station City Point, MA by Tim Dring
  • The Birth of the Massachusetts Humane Society by John J. Galluzzo

Volume 19, Number 2 – Wreck and Resue (Summer 2018)

  • Yeomanette? By David Schroeder
  • Ida Lewis—Lighthouse Keeper, Lifesaver and “The Bravest Woman in America” by William Thiesen
  • Ida Lewis: The Heroine by Federico Santi
  • Nancy Viall Shoemaker Named Mercy Otis Warren Cape Cod Woman of the Year by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • The United States Life-Saving Service in California, Part 2 by Ralph Shanks
  • USLSS and USCG Boat Launch and Recovery Equipment, Part 3: Marine Railway Launch Ramps by Tim Dring

Volume 19, Number 1 – Wreck and Rescue (Spring 2019)

  • The United States Life-Saving Service in California, Part 1 by Ralph Shanks
  • JDR Adak Assignment by John D. Ryder
  • Adak Assignment Poem by John D. Ryder
  • Hull Lifesaving Museum Honors Mr. Ross Sherbrooke at Greater Love Gala by Victoria Stevens
  • Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge Hits the Road by Linda Geary
  • Four Missions that made Cutter Seneca Famous by William H. Thiesen
  • Captain Richard Etheridge and the Pea Island Life-Savers (from USCG website)
  • S Life-Saving Service and Coast Guard Vertical Boat Lifts by Tim Dring

Volume 18, Number 4 – Wreck and Rescue (Winter 2018)

  • The Founding of the USLSSHA, from the Premier Issue of Wreck & Rescue, by Ralph Shanks
  • The USLSSHA: Twenty-three Years and Counting by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Preserving Maritime History: Nahant’s Unique Life-Saving Station by Dennis Maroney
  • Marquette Life-Saving Keeper and Lighthouse Keeper Honored in Unusual Way by Hilary Billman and Debbie Allyn Jett
  • The MirloRescue by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Book Review: Gurnet Point: A Small Remote Summer Community with a Fascinating Historyby Richard M. Boonisar
  • USLSS and USCG Surfboat Roller Skids by Timothy R. Dring

Volume 18, Number 3 – Wreck and Rescue (Fall 2017)

  • Point Aux Barques Life-Saving Station Goes Home by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Free and Astray by David Schroeder
  • Katrina: Record Setting Hurricane and the Coast Guard’s Record Setting Response Effort by William H. Thiesen
  • USLSSHA Annual Meeting in San Francisco by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • First-Hand Account of San Francisco Earthquake, a letter to Harry Smith of Green Bay by Fort Point Keeper John A. Clark, May 4 1906
  • USLSS and USCG Boat Launch and Recovery Equipment: Part 1, Surfboat Wagons by Timothy R. Dring

Volume 18, Number 2 – Wreck and Rescue (Summer 2017)

  • Siren That Do Not Tempt – The Diversions of Two Cranky Keepers, from the San Francisco Chronicle, September 25, 1887
  • Coast Guard Wings for the Fishing Fleet by John Galluzzo
  • The Espionage Act – Supporting Coast Guard Port Security for 100 Years by William H. Thiesen
  • Life-Saving Marker Ceremony at Gilbert’s Bar by Linda Geary

Volume 18, Number 1 – Wreck and Rescue (Spring 2017)

  • Plan One: Acknowledge and the Coast Guard’s Military Baptism of Fire by William Thiesen
  • Marblehead Rescued by Dennis Kennedy
  • USLSSHA Meets in Louisville, Kentucky in 2016 by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • San Francisco Here We Come! By Ralph Shanks

Volume 17, Number 4 – Wreck and Rescue (Winter 2017)

  • Harker’s Island Remembrance by Pat and Richard Ryder
  • Shipwrecks and Rescues of the Outer Banks by James D. Charlet
  • The Survivor, a play by Rebecca Locklear
  • Frank F. Petosky, Motor Machinist Mate First Class (L): Life in the USLSS & USCG 1927 – 1939, by Scott Bundschuh
  • “The Rescue of the Sarah D. J. Rawson”, a poem by James W. Thompson

Volume 17, Number 3 – Wreck and Rescue (Autumn 2016)

  • Coast Guard Lighthouses and the History of “The Flying Santa” by William H. Thiesen
  • Andrea Doria and Stockholm: A Sixty-Year Review, with Lessons Learned by Maurice E. Gibbs
  • Gold Star Winner Honored 53 Years Later
  • Heroes of Holyhead Lifeboat Station by JoAnn Semones
  • The Higgins & Gifford Type Pulling Surfboat by Timothy R. Dring

Volume 17, Number 2 – Wreck and Rescue (Summer, 2016)

  • How to Build a Beach Cart, Part 2 by Scott Ernst
  • Messages from the Sky Pilot of the Great Lakes: Capt. John D. Persons by John Kotzian
  • The Royal National Lifeboat Institution: The Charity that Saves Lives by Don Garvey
  • Harry Claiborne: Light Keeper and Life Saver by William H. Thiesen
  • The Curiously Different Rescue Boats of the Louisville Life-Saving Station by Tim Dring
  • Book Review: Heroes at the Falls: Louisville’s Life-Savers by Leland R. Johnson

Volume 17, Number 1 – Wreck and Rescue (Spring, 2016)

  • Winslow Homer and the Wreck of the Iron Crown by Steve Landells
  • Grounding of the Tampico by Gene Bialek
  • At a Late Hour They Had Not Returned by Michael Morgan
  • The Great Granddaddy of Them All: The 30-foot RNLI Pulling/Sailing Lifeboat and its Service with the U. S. Life-Saving Service by Tim Dring
  • Station Watch: Update Wood Island and Wallops Beach by Debbie Jett

Volume 16, Number 4 – Wreck and Rescue (February 2016)

  • Adventures of the Golden Gate Life-Saving Station by JoAnn Semones
  • How to Build a Beach Cart by Scott Ernst
  • Finding Charles Henry Ricker by John J. Galluzzo
  • November 1886 Rescue of 24 Men Trapped Aboard Two Wallace Ships by Eugene Johnson, with Barb Koski and Pat Hamp
  • The U. S. Coast Guard’s 36 ft. Type H Motor Lifeboat by Tim Dring
  • Film Review: “The Finest Hours” by Nancy Vail Shoemaker
  • Bood Review: Station 119: From Lifesaving to Marine Research by Kenneth W. Able

Volume 16, Number 3 – Wreck and Rescue (Fall 2015)

  • Kathleen Moore (WPC 1109) by Gene Bialek
  • They’re Gonna Put Me in the Movies . . . Three Nights in an Extra Bus by Richard G. Ryder
  • Back From the Brink, Two More off of the Endangered List by Dave Bernheisel
  • The Mystery Boat by Tom Beard
  • You Oughta Be in Pictures . . . (Photos from our Annual Meeting 2015)
  • Former U. S. Coast Guard/U. S. Maritime Service Monomoy and Drill Boat Type Surfboats by Tim Dring
  • Book Review: The Last Laker by Frederick Stonehouse
  • Station Watch: Amagansett Life-Saving Station by Mike Carlson

Volume 16, Number 2 – Wreck and Rescue (Summer 2015)

  • The Francis Life-Car and the Wreck of the Hartzell on Lake Michigan by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • The Francis Life Car Proves Its Worth by Thomas P. Farner
  • An Early Birthday Present for the Sky Pilot of the Great Lakes by John Kotzian
  • The Francis Metallic Lifecar by Tim Dring
  • Life-Saving: Then and Now by David Schroeder
  • Book Review: Shipwrecks of Stellwagen Bank by Matthew Lawrence, Deborah Marx and John Galluzzo

Volume 16, Number 1 – Wreck and Rescue (Spring 2015)

  • The Coast Guard, the Atlantic, and Victory in Europe by Robert Binns, Sr.
  • U. S. Life Saving Station 30 by Fred Miller
  • Rescuing the Shipwrecked Along Jersey Coast by Thomas P. Farner
  • The U. S. Coast Guard’s 327 ft. Secretary Class Cutters by Tim Dring
  • The Francis Metallic Pulling Surfboat by Tim Dring
  • Book Review: A Short Bright Flash by Theresa Levitt
  • Museum Spotlight: The Pea Island Cookhouse Museum by Joan Collins

Volume 15, Number 4 – Wreck and Rescue (Winter 2015)

  • 1790 – 1915: That Others Might Live by John Galluzzo
  • The U. S. Revenue Cutter Service in the War of 1812 by William H. Thiesen
  • Interview with Commandant Paul Zukunft by Ralph Shanks
  • Celebrating Coast Guard History: 100th Anniversary of the “Act to Create the U. S. Coast Guard” by Scott Price
  • Life-Savers’ Pension Bill Passed, reprint from the Duluth News Tribune, January 29, 1915
  • Semper Paratus by B. T. (Tom) Beard
  • Catching the “Bad Guys”: The Coast Guard’s Design, Construction, and Employment of Interceptor Picket Boats during the 1920’s by Tim Dring
  • Book Review: The Coast Guard: The Foundation for Coast Guard History, Tom Beard, Editor in Chief
  • Museum Spotlight: National Coast Guard Museum Efforts Continue by Debbie Allyn Jett

Volume 15, Number 3 – Wreck & Rescue (Fall 2014)

  • GC 36500 Performs Another Rescue by Richard G. Ryder
  • Ocean Express Rescue by B. T. Beard
  • A Tribute to the United States Coast Guard by George Grimes
  • World’s Fairs and the USLSS by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Keeper’s Letter from the `1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition, John S. Clark to Harry Smith, transcribed by Richard G. Ryder
  • Remembering a “Gold Medal” Motor Lifeboat by Tim Dring
  • Book Review: Water Under the Keel: Memoirs of a Seagoing Life by George Grimes
  • Station Watch: Vermilion Point Life-Saving Station by Grace Truman

Volume 15, Number 2 – Wreck & Rescue (Summer 2014)

  • Station No. 40 and the Attack on Orleans: The World War I Submarine Raid on Cape Cod, an excerpt from Attack on Orleans by Jake Klim
  • Transitions for the Coast Guard Stations at Little Egg Inlet (NJ) in the Early 1900’s by Kenneth W. Able
  • Devotion to Duty: Lt. John A. Pritchard’s Epic Story of Search and Rescue on the Greenland Ice Cape by William H. Thiesen
  • The “Oddballs” of the USLSS’s Surfboat Fleet, Part 2, by Tim Dring
  • Book Review: Attack on Orleans by Jake Klim
  • Station Watch: Wood Island Life-Saving Station by Sam Reid

Volume 15, Number 1 – Wreck & Rescue (Spring 2014)

  • House of Refuge No. 1: Forgotten History of Vero Beach by Sandra Thurlow
  • The Orange Grove House of Refuge No. 3 by Gilbert L. Voss
  • The Florida Houses of Refuge by Ellen Henry
  • The “Oddballs” of the USLSSS’s Surfboat Fleet by Tim Dring
  • Book Review: Sky Pilots of the Great Lakes by John Kotzian
  • Station Watch by Mike Carlson

Volume 14, Number 4 – Wreck & Rescue (Winter 2014)

  • The Last One Standing: Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • 2013 Annual Meeting on Lake Huron by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • The Memoirs of a Life-Saver’s Daughter by Mrs. Vernon E. Prior
  • The “Bennett Project” and Perspectives of the Human Side by Steve Marthouse
  • USLSS Development of Surfboats with Motor Propulsion by Tim Dring
  • Book Reviews: The Keeper by John G. Ives; The Daring Coast Guard Rescue of the Pendleton Crew by Theresa Mitchell Barbo and Capt. W. Russell Webster
  • Museum Spotlight: Valley Camp, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Volume 14, Number 3 – Wreck & Rescue (December 2013)

  • It’s All About Logistics: USLSSHA’s 15th Annual Meeting, Mackinaw City, Michigan by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • The Great Lakes Storm of 1913 and the Wreck of the L. C. Waldo, by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Trial By Fire and Ice: The U. S. Life-Saving Service’s Type E Motor Lifeboats and Their Employment in the Great Lakes Storm of 1913 by Timothy R. Dring
  • The Story of Charles Walter David, Jr.: African-American Hero of the Greenland Patrol’s Cutter Comanche by William H. Thiesen
  • Museum Spotlight: Great Lakes Lore Museum, Rogers City, Michigan

Volume 14, Number 2 – Wreck & Rescue (August 2013)

  • The Wreck in Which Poor Planning Produced a Perilous Predicament, an excerpt from Storms & Sand, by Steve, Grace and Joel Truman
  • The Great Hurricane of September 21, 1938 by Van R. Field
  • The Hurricane of 1938 Hits Hull by John Galluzzo
  • The History of the “Racing Stripe” Emblem and Its Importance as a Brand Identity for World Sea Services and Coast Guards, Part II, by Christian Ostersehlte
  • To Sea Again: Charles W. Morgan Prepares to Sail by John Galluzzo
  • Book Reviews: Marshall the Sea Dog: A History of Life-Saving & Notable Nantucket Shipwrecks by Whitney Stewart; Storms & Sand: A Story of Shipwrecks and the Big Sable Point Coast Guard Station by Steve, Grace and Joel Truman; Sandy:The Jersey Shore in the Eye of the Storm by Asbury Park Press
  • Museum Spotlight: Mystic Aquarium, Connecticut

Volume 14, Number 1 – Wreck & Rescue (May 2013)

  • The Mysterious Mr. Parkinson: First Architect of the U. S. Life-Saving Service by Penny Watson
  • The History of the “Facing Stripe” Emblem and Its Importance as a Brand Identity for the United States Coast Guard by William H. Thiesen
  • William Augustus Newell: The Rest of the Story by Mike Carlson
  • Reminiscences of Nauset Life Boat Station by Michael J. Maynard
  • Life-Saving on the Point Reyes Coast by Kent Weymouth
  • Someone Get that Damned Dog! by Captain W. Russell Webster, USCG (Ret)
  • Book Review: Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s History-Making Race Round the World by Matthew Goodman
  • Museum Spotlight: Wood Island Life-Saving Station

Volume 13, Number 4 – Wreck & Rescue (February 2013)

  • The Early Development of Maritime Rescue in the United Kingdom: The Tyne Lifeboat Institution and Volunteer Life Brigades by Steve Landells
  • Life-Saving and Leprosy: Fire on Penikese Island by John J. Galluzzo
  • Remarks of the President Aboard U. S. Coast Guard Barque Eagle, Pier 2, Washington Navy Yard Annex, Washington, D.C.
  • The Wreck of the Consuello: The Heroic Rescue of the Survivors and a Lake Erie Life-Saving Station by Leslie Korenko
  • Lighthouse Links: Cuttyhunk Lighthouse
  • Book Reviews: The United States Coast Guard and National Defense: A History from World War I to the Present; The Pox and the Covenant: Mather Franklin and the Epidemic that Changed America’s Destiny; A Perfect Lady: A Pictorial History of the U. S. Coast Guard Barque Eagle; Images of America: Assateague Island; Images of America: Cuttyhunk and the Elizabeth Islands
  • Museum Spotlight: Cuttyhunk Historical Society

Volume 13, Number 3 – Wreck & Rescue (November 2012)

  • USLSSHA Visits Long Island: The Northern Edge of the Funnel by Richard G. Ryder
  • Hurricane Sandy and Her Life-Saving Service History Legacy by John J. Galluzzo
  • Lt. Robert Prause and his Cutter-based Cold Water Rescue Swimmer System by William H. Thiesen
  • North Sea Neighbors by Nicholas Leach
  • Echoes from the Surf: Block Island
  • Lighthouse Links: Boston Light is Not Out
  • Book Reviews: Disaster Off Martha’s Vineyard: The Sinking of the City of Columbus; Images of America: Ohio Lighthouses; Images of America: Lighthouses of the Ventura Coast; Images of America: North Point Milwaukee Lighthouses; Sea of Troubles: The Lost Ships of Point Sur
  • Museum Spotlight: Long Island Maritime Museum, West Sayville, NY

Volume 13, Number 2 – Wreck & Rescue (August 2012)

  • The Story of Captain Levi Jackson and the Wreck of the Mertie B. Crowley by Herbert R. Ward
  • The Valentine’s Day Wrecks: Shipwrecks, the Sea and Late Nineteenth Century American Culture by Jamin Wells
  • The Rescue: An Excerpt from Chapter 8 of Disaster Off Martha’s Vineyard by Thomas Dresser
  • Designed for Heroes: The Merryman-type Pulling/Sailing Surfboat, Part IV by Tim Dring
  • Echoes from the Surf: Post Office Square
  • Lighthouse Links: Flies in West Chop Light
  • Book Reviews: A Coast Guardsman’s History of the United States Coast Guard; U.S. Coast Guard in World War II; Unsinkable: A Young Woman’s Courageous Battle on the High Seas; The Last Keeper at Split Rock Museum Spotlight: Martha’s Vineyard Museum

Volume 13, Number 1 – Wreck & Rescue (April 2012)

  • Storming the Coast: USLSSHA Goes West to Oregon for its 15th Annual Meeting by David Pinyerd
  • Patrolling the Liquor Line: Coast Guard Efforts to Enforce Prohibition on Boston’s Rum Row by Deborah E. Marx and Matthew S. Lawrence
  • So, Who Was This Stellwagen Guy, Anyway? And What Was His Contribution to Life-Saving Service History? by John J. Galluzzo
  • Designed for Heroes: The Merryman-type Pulling/Sailing Surfboat, Part III by Tim Dring
  • Echoes from the Surf: The NOAA Libraries
  • Lighthouse Links: Stellwagen in Texas
  • Book Reviews: How to Survive the Titanic, or the Sinking of J. Bruce Ismay; The Story of the Coast Guard: Volume 1: Coast Guard in War and Peace
  • Museum Spotlight: The Exhibits of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Volume 12, Number 4 – Wreck & Rescue (February 2012)

  • The Christmas Tree Ship Mackinaw Sails Into Chicago by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Free Dental Care: You Get What You Pay For – Or What the Government Provides by William F Meininger
  • Reburying the Father of the Coast Guard by Ron Pesha
  • Designed for Heroes: The Merryman-Type Pulling/Sailing Surfboat, Part II, by Tim Dring
  • Book Reviews: An Historical and Archaeological Analysis of the Middle Island Life-Saving Station: Applying Site Formation Theory to Coastal Maritime Infrastructure Sites; Remembering Lubec: Stories from the Easternmost Point; Cruise of the Dashing Wave: Rounding Cape Horn in 1860; Images of America: Sandy Hook; Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse and Life Saving Station; Images of America: The Coast Guard in San Diego
  • Museum Spotlight: Life-Saving Station No. 30, Ocean City, New Jersey

Volume 12, Number 3 – Wreck & Rescue (September 2011)

  • USLSSHA Visits the Jersey Shore: You Got a Problem with That? By Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Joshua James Goes Big: Coast Guard Announces Contract Awarded for Fifth National Security Cutter by John J. Galluzzo
  • Ashtabula Lighthouse: Questions, Movement, an Icy Situation and Changes by Scott W. Bundschuh
  • From Long Branch: An Excerpt from the New York Times August 1861
  • Thomas J. Maddock: Newburyport’s Creative Keeper by John J. Galluzzo
  • Designed for Heroes: Rescue Craft of the Beebe Boatyard, Part I by Tim Dring
  • Book Reviews: Hark Luck Coast: The Perilous Reefs of Point Montara, Lifesavers of the South Shore: A History of rescue and Loss; Deep Sea Detectives: Caught in a Killer Storm; Images of America: Galveston’s The Elissa: The Tall Ship of Texas; The Finest Hours: The True Story of the U. S. Coast Guard’s Most Daring Sea Rescue
  • Museum Spotlight: Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Volume 12, Number 2 – Wreck & Rescue (October 2010)

  • A case of Mistaken Identities: The Coast Guard’s Luis E. Pratt Affair by David M. Considine
  • Commodore Frank Hamilton Newcomb: Fighting Captain of the US Revenue Cutter Service by William H. Thiesen
  • One Tough Survivor: An Excerpt from Fatal Forecast: An Incredible Tale of Survival and Rescue at Sea by Michael J. Tougias
  • Designed for Heroes: The Merryman-type Pulling/Sailing Surfboat by Tim Dring
  • Book Reviews: Lighthouses of Louisiana: A Compete Pictorial History; Living on the Edge: Life at the Montauk Point Lighthouse, 1930 – 1945; The Grey Seas Under: The Perilous Rescue Missions of a North Atlantic Salvage Tug; Filipinos in the U. S. Navy and Coast Guard During the Vietnam War
  • Museum Spotlight: Lightship Chesapeake, Baltimore, Maryland

Volume 12, Number 1 – Wreck & Rescue (Spring 2010)

  • Coast Guard Cutter Tackle Smashes Ice on Maine’s Penobscot River by Bob Trapani, Jr.
  • The Galveston Life-Saving Station, September 1900: The Anatomy of a Super Hurricane and the Perils of Working for the United States Life-Saving Service by William H. Thiesen, Ph.D., Coast Guard Atlantic Area Historian
  • “I Think We Might Have Just Pissed Some People Off”: Coast Guard Special Forces in Bolivia by Matthew Mitchell
  • An Interview with World War II Veteran Paul Inden by Thomas P. Ostrom
  • Designed for Heroes: Dobbins-type Pulling Surfboat by Tim Dring, USNR (Ret).
  • Museum Spotlight: Texas Seaport Museum, Galveston, Texas
  • Book Reviews: Penikese: Island of Hope; Coasties Guard Us A Through Z; United States Coast Guard
  • Grade Insignia Since 1834, In Color Plates; Not Your Father’s Coast Guard: The Untold Story of U.S.
  • Coast Guard Special Forces; True Stories of Rescue and Survival: Canada’s Unknown Heroes

Volume 11, Number 4 – Wreck & Rescue (February 2009)

  • Doing it the Delmarva Way: The 2009 USLSSHA Annual Meeting and Conference by Debbis Allym
  • Jett
  • A Seashore Landmark’s Last Best Hope: Ocean City (NJ) Life-Saving Station For Sale by Charles
  • London and Kimball Baker
  • White Hurricane at the Lewes Breakwater by Michael Morgan
  • Designed for Heroes: Race Point-type Pulling Surfboat by Tim Dring, USNR (Ret).
  • Book Reviews: The United States Coast Guard in World War II: A History of Domestic and Overseas
  • Actions by Thomas P. Ostrom; The Metal Lifecar: The Inventor, the Impostor and the Business of Life Saving by George E. Buker; Rehoboth Beach: A History of Surf and Sand by Michael Morgan; Zeb: Schooner Life (DVD) A Documentary Film Directed by Gordon Massingham.
  • Museum Spotlight: West Quoddy Light

Volume 11, Number 3 – Wreck & Rescue (November 2008)

  • How to Save a Life (Saving Station): The History of the Ocean City (MD) Life-Saving Station and
  • Museum by James A. Hiteshew
  • Captain Henry G. Hemingway: Guardian, Cutterman, Leader of Men by William H. Thiesen, Ph. D
  • Tragedy off Rogers City: The Loss of Superintendent Joseph Sawyer and Keeper George Feaben,
  • October 20, 1880 by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Admiral Russell R. Waesche: World War II Coast Guard Commandant by Thomas P. Ostrom
  • The Golden Venture: Where Migrant Interdiction and Search and Rescue Collided by Dennis L. Noble
  • Designed for Heroes: Monomoy-type Pulling Surfboat by Tim Dring, USNR (Ret.)
  • Book Reviews: The Morris Island Lighthouse: Charleston’s Maritime Beacon by Douglas W. Bostick; Images of America: South Carolina Lighthouses by Margie Willis Clary and Kim McDermott; Images of America: Georgia’s Lighthouses by Patricia Morris; Images of America: Maryland’s Lighthouses by Cathy Taylor; Lighthouses of the Golden State: California’s Shining Beacons by Kent Weymouth; One Good Turn: A Natural History of the Screwdriver and the Screw by Witold Rybczynski; Beavertail Light Station on Conanicut Island by Varoujan Karentz.
  • Museum Spotlight: USCGC Taney

Volume 11, Number 2 – Wreck & Rescue (August 2008)

  • The Loss of Israel Merritt’s Circassian by Dennis M. Powers
  • The Grounding of the U.S. Navy Submarine S-19 by William P. Quinn
  • Submarine S-19 Salvage from Nauset Beach by Robert Beattie
  • Tragedy in the Pentland Firth by Nicholas Leach
  • Requiem for a Lost Lighthouse Keeper by John J. Galluzzo
  • Echoes from the Surf: Horace Norton’s Letter to the Editor
  • Designed for Heroes: The Jersey-type Pulling Surfboat
  • Book Reviews: The Historic Northwest Passage and the CGC Storis by Dick Juge; Images of America: The 1938 Hurricane Along New England’s Coast by Joseph P. Soares; Recollections of 32 Years in the U.S. Coast Guard and Other Ramblings by William F. Meininger; Images of America: Lighthouses of the Bay Area by Betty S. Veronico.
  • Museum Spotlight: The National Museum of Naval Aviation

Volume 11, Number 1 – Wreck & Rescue (May 2008)

  • The Loss of the Brant Rock Life-Saving Station by John J. Galluzzo
  • Lost: The Milwaukee Coast Guard Station photos by Pete Mathews
  • Next? The Barview Life-Saving Station by David Pinyerd
  • Found: Old Life-Saving Station Resurfaces by Mike Connell
  • Molokai Now and Then: Former Coast Guard officer returns to Molokai after 40 years by Leo Azambuja
  • Echoes from the Surf: GSA Disposal Records
  • Book Reviews: Sinbad of the Coast Guard by George F. Foley, Jr., USCG; The Great Hurricanes of North Carolina by John Hairr; Images of America: Lighthouses of San Diego by Kim Fahlen and Karen Scanlon; New Jersey’s Southern Shore: An Illustrated History From Brigantine to Cape May Point by Susan Miller.
  • Museum Spotlight: Point Aux Barques Lighthouse and Huron City Museums by Debbie Allyn Jett

Volume 10, Number 4 – Wreck & Rescue (February 2008)

  • Nephew Eric’s Grand Adventure: In Search of Uncle George by Eric Hartlep
  • Battling the Beast: Debbie vs. the Historical Research Monster by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Tim’s Tale: The 1927 Mississippi River Flood: A Noteworthy Test of the New Type H Lifeboats and Surfboats by CDR Timothy R. Dring USNR (Ret.)
  • Debbie at Scott’s Treasure House: The National Archives and Records Administration in Chicago by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Who’s Afraid of a Little Cape Fear? 13th Annual Meeting Set for Caswell Beach, North Carolina
  • Echoes from the Surf: Excerpt: Annual Report of the Secretary of Treasury, 1858
  • Book Reviews: Historic Nantucket: Surfside Life-saving Station by James W. Claflin; Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge: Home of History by Sandra Henderson Thurlow and Deanna Wintercorn Thurlow; Brotherhood of the Fin: A Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer’s Story by Gerald R. Hoover

Volume 10, Number 3 – Wreck & Rescue (November 2007)

  • Two More Great Lakes Heard From: The 12th Annual Meeting of the U.S. Life-Saving Service Heritage
  • Association by John Galluzzo, Jeff Shook and Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Tales from the Keeper’s Log: Life and Life-Saving at a Life-Saving Station, Part II by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • The Wreck of the A. Thayer: Last Ship Afloat Saved by the USLSS? A Paper Presented by John J. Galluzzo at the 8th Maritime Heritage Conference
  • A Coast Guard Surf Station: Morro Bay Motor Lifeboat Station by Ralph Shanks, M.A.
  • Echoes From the Surf: Still on the Books
  • Book Reviews: Coast Guard Follies: My Humor in Uniform by Ken Smith, USCG Veteran; Images of America: Block Island by Donald A. D’Amato and Henry A.L. Brown; Images of America: Ocean City, (NJ) 1950-1980 by Fred Miller; The Pendleton Disaster Off Cape Cod: The Greatest Small Boat Rescue in Coast Guard History by Theresa Mitchell Barbo, John Galluzzo and Captain W. Russell Webster, USCG (Ret.).
  • Museum Spotlight: USCGC Sundew by Thomas P. Ostrom

Volume 10, Number 2 – Wreck & Rescue (August 2007)

  • Tales from the Keeper’s Log: Life and Life-Saving at a Life-Saving Station by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Surf-Bathing and Life-Saving in Australia: Origins and Beginnings, Part 3 by Shawn Brawley
  • A Station for Horseneck Beach: The Story of the Westport Mass Humane Society Boathouse by Christopher “Chip” Gillespie
  • Previewing Images of America: Lighthouses and Life-Saving on the Oregon Coast by David Pinyerd
  • A Ghost Station’s Keeper: Coast Guard Auxiliarist Keeps Graveyard Surfmen’s History Alive by PO1 L.F. Chambers, USCG
  • Respect Those Seas: A Tale of Danger on the Ocean by Michael Tougias
  • Echoes From the Surf: To Good Advantage
  • Book Reviews: Fatal Forecast: An Incredible True Tale of Disaster and Survival at Sea by Michael J. Tougias; Images of America: Lighthouses and Life-Saving on the Oregon Coast by David Pinyerd; A Sailor at War on the Greenland Patrol by Maurice “Moe” Steinberg; Ocean City: An Illustrated History by Susan Miller; USCGC Mackinaw WAGB 83: An Illustrated History of a Great Lakes Queen by Mike Fornes.
  • Museum Spotlight: Mighty Mac, Grand Haven, Michigan

Volume 10, Number 1 – Wreck & Rescue (May 2007)

  • If These Walls Could Talk: Rediscovering a Halfway House on Cape Cod by BMCS David Considine, USCG
  • A Bittersweet Story: Reminiscences of Life Aboard USCGC Bittersweet by Frederick “Bud” Cooney
  • A Long Tradition of Service: The Wickhams of Wexford and Rosslare Harbor, Ireland by Nicholas Leach
  • Surf Bathing and Life-Saving in Australia: Origins and Beginnings, Part 2 by Sean Brawley
  • So Hard to Find Good Help: Part 3 of a 3 Part Series on the Isles of Shoals Life-Saving Station by John Galluzzo
  • Echoes From the Surf: Finding John Faunce
  • Book Reviews: Lighthouses of Maryland and Virginia: History, Mystery, Legends and Lore by Bob Trapani, Jr.; Images of America: Maritime Grand Haven: Coast Guard City, U.S.A. by Wallace K. Ewing, Ph.D, and David H. Seibold, D.D.S., for the Tri-Cities Historical Museum; The U.S.C.G. on the Great Lakes: A History by Thomas P. Ostrom; Images of America: Cana Island Lighthouse by Barb and Ken Wardius; Washed Up: The Curious Journeys of Flotsam and Jetsam by Skye Moody; “Friends in Peace and War”: The Russian Navy’s Landmark Visit to Civil War San Francisco by C. Douglas Kroll
  • Museum Spotlight: USCGC Ingham

Volume 9, Number 4 – Wreck & Rescue (February 2007)

  • What Signals Do You Have?: Signal Systems of the United States Life-Saving Service 1871-1915 by Alison W. Ewing
  • Surf-bathing and Life-saving in Australia: Origins and Beginnings, Part 1 by Sean Brawley
  • Winter Surf Puts Would-Be Heroes to the Test by Nancy Bartley, Reprinted with permission from the
  • Seattle Times
  • Echoes from the Surf: Wig-Wag, Who Won?
  • Book Reviews: The Great Hurricane: 1938 by Cherie Burns; A Wind to Shake the World: The Story of the 1938 Hurricane by Everett Allen; The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland by Jim Defede; Lucky Sweetbriar: Coast Guard Cutter Survives WWII, Okinawa, Kamikazes, Typhoons and More by Tanney Edward Oberg.

Volume 9, Number 3 – Wreck & Rescue (November 2006)

  • High Times in the Dunes of Old Cape Cod: The 2006 USLSSHA Annual Conference by John J. Galluzzo
  • Why One Surfman Quit: The Louis Couls Affair, 1908-1909 by Eric C. Hartlep
  • A Forgotten Hero: C.C. Mauethrop and the Revenue Cutter Commodore Perry by Dennis L. Noble
  • No Lights, No Camera, Just Action! USLSSHA Members Act Out the Beach Apparatus Drill by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • To List or Not to List: The Isles of Shoals Life-Saving Station by John J. Galluzzo
  • Book Reviews: The Guardian (motion picture) by Touchstone Pictures; When Hull Freezes Over: Historic Winter Tales from the Massachusetts Shore by John J. Galluzzo; Images of America: Coast Guard City Base Elizabeth City by Air Station Elizabeth City Wardroom; Burning Cold: The Cruise Ship Prinsendam and the Greatest Sea Rescue of All Time by H. Paul Jeffers; The Wreckers: A Story of Killing Seas and Plundered Shipwrecks, From the 18th Century to the Present Day by Bella Bathurst.
  • Museum Spotlight: The National Cryptologic Museum

Volume 9, Number 2 – Wreck & Rescue (August 2006)

  • “I’d Rather Wear Out Than Rust Out”: Captain John Persons of Thunder Bay Island by Stephen D. Tongue
  • Powerful Seas Tear Tanker in Two: The Harrowing Coast Guard Rescue of the Chester Poling
  • Crew by Michael Tougias
  • Eugene O’Neill and His Cape Cod Home: Living in a Life-Saving Station by Leona Rust Egan
  • A Sandpounder’s Life: Dreadful Hardships of the Beach Patrol by Bob Trapani, Jr.
  • Outboarding School: Unique Opportunity for Coast Guard “Techs” by John J. Galluzzo
  • Hearing the President’s Call: One Woman’s Charge to Tell the USLSS Story by Debbie Allyn Jett
  • Book Reviews: So Others May Live: Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers: Saving Lives, Defying Death by Martha J. LaGuardia-Kotite; “Last One Out, Turn Off the Light!” (video) by Odonnell Entertainment; Desperate Hours: The Epic Rescue of the Andrea Doria by Richard Goldstein; Another Side of World War II: A Coast Guard Lieutenant in the South Pacific edited by Julianna Fern Patten
  • Museum Spotlight: The Maritime Center at the Historic Coast Guard Station, St. Simons Island, Georgia

Volume 9, Number 1 – Wreck & Rescue (May 2006)

  • Just Give Me a Chance: Charles Jennings and the Wreck of the Alacrity by John J. Galluzzo
  • Endless Din of Horn and Storm by Bob Trapani, Jr.
  • The Lighthouse Service Fleet’s Last Rescue by Ralph Shanks, M.A.
  • Hungry Ocean Would Not Be Denied by Bob Trapani, Jr.
  • Fairs, Buffaloes and Heroes: The U.S. Life-Saving Service as Public Spectacle, Part II by William D. Peterson
  • Echoes From the Surf: Etrusco Remembered
  • Book Reviews: Historic Nantucket Lightships: New South Shoal, 1854-1896 by James W. Claflin; Lighthouses of New Jersey and Delaware: History, Mystery, Legends & Lore by Bob Trapani, Jr.; Images of America: Guarding Door County: Lighthouses and Life-Saving Stations by Stacy and Virginia Thomas; Images of America: Lighthouses and Lifesaving Stations of Virginia by Patrick Evans-Hylton; Life and Death on the Greenland Patrol, 1942 by Thaddeus Novak.
  • The 11th Annual Meeting of the U.S. Life-Saving Service Heritage Association

Volume 8, Number 4 – Wreck & Rescue (February 2006)

  • Fairs, Buffaloes and Heroes: The U.S. Life-Saving Service as Public Spectacle by William D. Peterson
  • “Sketch of the Life of Hon. Sumner I. Kimball” taken from the History of Sanford, Maine, 1900
  • In Safe Hands: Coxswain Brian Thomson and the Crew of Holyhead by Nicholas Leach
  • “Getting hit by a 20-foot wave feels like you just got hit by a semi truck”: Lengthy certification process makes surfmen a rare breed by Kara Hansen, reprinted with permission from The Daily Astorian of Astoria, Oregon
  • Echoes from the Surf: The Board of Life-Saving Appliances
  • Book Reviews: Breakthrough: The Story of Chatham’s North Beach by Timothy J. Wood; Hooligan Sailor: The Saga of One Coast Guardsman in World War II by Leon Fredrick; 1954 Historic Adventure of the Northwind by Phil Jaffe; Ten Hours Until Dawn: Heroism and Tragedy Aboard the Can Do by Michael Tougias
  • Museum Spotlight: The Trayser Museum of Coast Guard Heritage

Volume 8, Number 3 – Wreck & Rescue (November 2005)

  • Back to Basics at Sleeping Bear: The 2005 USLSSHA Annual Conference by John J. Galluzzo
  • A Great Lakes Life-Saving Primer: Protecting Lake Superior by Thomas P. Ostrom
  • Once Home to Princes Among Men: Digging up the Past at Middle Island by Ryan Riordan
  • A Visit with our Friends at STANT St. Ignace, MI by John J. Galluzzo
  • Echoes from the Surf: Services of Crews (Miscellaneous)
  • Book Reviews: Bloody Waters by Captain John M. Waters, Jr., USCG; North Manitou Island: Between Sunrise and Sunset by Rita Hadra Rusco; The South Manitou Story by Gerald E. Crowner; Rescue at the Top of the World by Shawn Shallow; USCGC Eponyms by Charles B. Hathaway.
  • Museum Spotlight: CG 36500 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Volume 8, Number 2 – Wreck & Rescue (August 2005)

  • Columbia River Gold Rush: The Rescue of the Rosecrans by Frederick Stonehouse
  • Caught in the Blizzard: Heroism and Tragedy Aboard the Can Do by Michael Tougias
  • Portrait of a Dying Breed: The Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge by Ensign Cara Blasko, USCG
  • Crossing the Line: The Story of Ocean City’s Jack Jernee by Fred Miller
  • Echoes From the Surf: Speaking Out on Behalf of Her Neighbors
  • Book Reviews: Ocean City: America’s Greatest Family Resort (The Making of America Series) by Fred Miller; Rogue Wave: The U.S. Coast Guard on and After 9/11 by Chief Petty Officer P.J. Capelotti, Ph.D., USCGR; The T.W. Lawson: The Fate of the World’s Only Seven-Masted Schooner by Thomas Hall
  • Museum Spotlight: Saving a 38-foot Picket Boat on Long Island

Volume 8, Number 1 – Wreck & Rescue (May 2005)

  • The Red Lifeboats by Dr. Dennis L. Noble, Ph.d
  • Rescue at Sea: Towards a Humanitarian Ideal by Clayton Evans
  • Protecting the Emerald Isle: The Royal National Lifeboat Institution in Ireland by Nicholas Leach
  • Ships Fear Fire More than Water by Carolyn Matthews
  • You’re Only as Good as Your Crew by John J. Galluzzo
  • Book Reviews: The United States Coast Guard: 1790 to Present by Thomas P. Ostrom; New Jersey Shipwrecks: 350 Years in the Graveyard of the Atlantic by Margaret Thomas Buchholz; The Greatest Search and Rescue Stories Ever Told edited by Joseph Cummins; Storm Warriors: Heroes of the Shipwreck Coast (DVD), directed by Scott Erlinder
  • Museum Spotlight: The Lifeboat Collection of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution at the Historic Dockyards, Chatham by William D. Wilkinson

Volume 7, Number 4 – Wreck & Rescue (February 2005)

  • Prey of the Storm: The Steamer Portland and the Gale of 1898 by Deborah Marx
  • Fueling the Northeast: Coal Carrying Schooners Bound for New England by Van R. Field
  • “A Hard Day on All of Us”: Indian River Station and the Wreck of Anna Murray by Bob Trapani, Jr.
  • Gold Medals on the Jersey Shore by Margaret T. Buchholz
  • Coast Guard Rescuers Recount Trip Into Harm’s Way by Lindsay Christians, San Luis Obispo Tribune
  • A Rich Family History: Captain Benjamin Rich and the Mass Humane Society by John J. Galluzzo
  • Echoes from the Surf: Early Watchman’s Clocks
  • Book Reviews: Images of America: Maritime South Haven, 1900-1950 by Michigan Maritime Museum; Rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard by Dennis L. Noble; The Last Run by Todd Lewan.
  • Museum Spotlight: The Battle for Ocean City

Volume 7, Number 3 – Wreck & Rescue (November 2004)

  • USLSSHA Rocks Maine at the 2004 Annual Conference by John J. Galluzzo
  • Coast Guard Tape of Harrowing 1980 Rescue off Massachusetts Resurfaces by Captain W. Russell Webster, USCG (Retired)
  • “The Worst Days of a Bad Fall”: Captain Motley and the Surfmen of Middle Island, Michigan, November 1911 by Eric Hartlep
  • Dispatches from Hampton Roads: USLSSHA Attends the 7th Maritime Heritage Conference Photos by John J. Galluzzo
  • Christmas Echoes on Nantucket by Maurice Gibbs
  • Echoes from the Surf: The Tide is Ebbing
  • Book Reviews: Lanterns and Lifeboats, A History of Thunder Bay Island by Stephen D. Tongue; The Outlaw Sea, A World of Freedom, Chaos and Crime by William Langewiesche; Guardians of the Eighth Sea, a History of the U.S. Coast Guard on the Great Lakes by T. Michael O’Brien; All Available Boats: The Evacuation of Manhattan Island on September 11, 2001 by Mike Magee, M.D., Editor; Images of America: Ocean City Beach Patrol by Fred Miller
  • Museum Spotlight: Shore Village Museum

Volume 7, Number 2 – Wreck & Rescue (August 2004)

  • Growing Pains and Politics: White Head Lifesaving Station, 1873-1878 by David Gamage
  • Bloodstained Sea: The U.S. Coast Guard in the Battle of the Atlantic, 1941-1944 by Michael G. Walling
  • “Pounding Brass”: An Account of Coast Guard Radio Watchstanding During the Early 1950s by Frederick “Bud” Cooney
  • Previewing Images of America: New Jersey Coast Guard and Rumrunners by Van Field and John Galluzzo
  • Echoes From the Surf: The Seal of the Office of General Superintendent
  • Book Reviews: Historic Nantucket Lighthouses: Sankaty Head by James W. Claflin; Historic Cape Cod Lighthouses: Race Point by James W. Claflin; Images of America: Point Sur by Carol O’Neil; Heart of the Storm: My Adventures as a Helicopter Rescue Pilot and Commander by Colonel Edward Fleming; The Coast Guard in World War I: An Untold Story by Alex R. Larzalere; Bloodstained Sea: The U.S. Coast Guard in the Battle of the Atlantic, 1941-1944 by Michael G. Walling; Great Lakes Crime: Murder, Mayhem, Booze & Broads by Frederick Stonehouse.
  • Emergency Update: Tawas (MI) Station Nearing its End?

Volume 7 Number 1 – Wreck & Rescue (May 2004)

  • Guest Editorial: Ralph Shanks
  • Responding to Shipwrecks: The U.S. Lighthouse and U.S. Life-Saving Services by Ralph Shanks
  • Adrift in the Aleutians: The Loss of the Revenue Cutter Tahoma by Steve Lloyd
  • The Lifesavers of Coast Guard Station Tillamook Bay, Oregon by Dennis L. Noble
  • First Steps in Oregon: The Cape Arago Lifesaving Station by David Pinyerd
  • Echoes From the Surf: Gasoline Engines for Marine Purposes
  • Book Reviews: Out of the Fog: The Sinking of the Andrea Doria by Algot Mattson; The Colombo Bay by Richard Pollak; Cobb’s Island Virginia: The Last Sentinel by Ron M. Kagawa and J. Richard Kellam; Dead Men Tapping: The End of the Heather Lynne II by Kate Yeomans.

Volume 6, Number 4 – Wreck & Rescue (February 2004)

  • Walking in Very Large Footsteps: Master Chief Jack Downey Receives the First Joshua James Keeper Award by Petty Officer Lauren Smith, USCG, introduction by Maurice Gibbs
  • A Day in the Life of Coast Guard Station Point Allerton by John J. Galluzzo
  • Asking the Big Question: Why Was There a United States Life-Saving Service? Part three by Captain Robert F. Bennett, USCG (Ret.)
  • “The Hero Coast Guard”: A Contemporary Tribute to Joshua James
  • Final Flight: The Retirement of the Flying Santa of the Lighthouses by John J. Galluzzo
  • Echoes From the Surf: Relative to Boating, Hunting, Fishing, Etc., by Lifesaving Crews
  • Book Reviews: Rescue at Sea: An International History of Lifesaving, Coastal Rescue Craft and Organizations by Clayton Evans; Indian River Life-Saving Station: Journey Along the Sands by Robert Trapani, Jr.; The Unforgiving Coast: Maritime Disasters of the Pacific Northwest by David H. Grover; Character in Action: The U.S. Coast Guard on Leadership by Donald T. Phillips with Admiral James M. Loy, USCG (Ret.); Chesapeake Rumrunners of the Roaring Twenties by Eric Mills
  • Museum Spotlight: Hull Lifesaving Museum

Volume 6, Number 3 – Wreck & Rescue (November 2003)

  • Still Standing: USLSSHA Visits the Life-Saving Stations of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland by John
  • Galluzzo
  • The First Rescue: The Wreck of the Sylvia C. Hall by CDR. John F. Ebersole, USCG (Ret.)
  • Asking the Big Question: Why Was There a U.S. Life-Saving Service? Part two by Capt. Robert F. Bennett
  • Discretion is the Better Part of Valor by Frederick T. Stonehouse
  • Echoes from the Surf: A Half-Dressed Surfman
  • Book Reviews: Wonderful Flying Machines: A History of U.S. Coast Guard Helicopters by Barrett Thomas Beard; Search and Rescue 2 (computer game) by Global Star Software, 2000; Dangerous Waters: Modern Piracy on the High Seas by John S. Burnett; Ship Ablaze: The Tragedy of the Steamboat General Slocum by Edward T. O’Donnell.
  • Museum Spotlight: Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum

Volume 6, Number 2 – Wreck & Rescue (August 2003)

  • Shipwrecks on the Jersey Shore: The Henry R. Congdon and Mary F. Kelly by Margaret T. Buchholz
  • Asking the Big Question: Why Was There a U.S. Life-Saving Service? Part one by Capt. Robert F. Bennett
  • Leggings, Flat Hats, and Seabags: Coast Guard Boot Camp at Cape May, NJ, 1951 by Frederick “Bud” Cooney
  • New York Roots: The Life Saving Benevolent Association by Van Field
  • Annual Meeting Preview: Cape May, New Jersey
  • Book Reviews: Great Storms of the Jersey Shore by Larry Savadove and Margaret Thomas Buchholz; Heroic Rescues at Sea: True Stories of the Canadian Coast Guard by Carolyn Matthews; The Weather Channel: The Improbable Rise of a Media Phenomenon by Frank Batten with Jeffrey L. Cruikshank.
  • Museum Spotlight: CG 36500

Volume 6, Number 1 – Wreck & Rescue (May 2003)

  • Guest Editorial: Fred Stonehouse
  • Ordeal in the Ice: The 1936 Rescue at the Charlevoix, MI, Coast Guard Station by Geoffrey D. Reynolds
  • Time Takes Its Toll on Harbor Beach by Wayne Kadar
  • No Retreat: The Tale of a Great Lakes Family by Kay Richardson
  • Lawrence O. Lawson: An Extraordinary Keeper by Dennis L. Noble
  • Another Black Hole Filled: The Francis Metallic Surfboat by Frederick T. Stonehouse
  • Book Reviews: White Hurricane: A Great Lakes November Gale and America’s Deadliest Maritime Disaster by David G. Brown; Storm of the Century: New England’s Great Blizzard of 1978 by Christopher J. Haraden
  • Museum Spotlight: Michigan Maritime Museum

Volume 5, Number 4 – Wreck & Rescue (February 2003)

  • At Death’s Door: The 2002 Annual Meeting by John J. Galluzzo
  • Lifesaver by Dennis L. Noble
  • Powerless: The Wreck of the Robert E. Lee by John J. Galluzzo
  • Voices of Preservation: Wick York
  • Book Reviews: The Rescue of the Gale Runner: Death, Heroism and the United States Coast Guard by Dennis L. Noble; Commodore Ellsworth P. Bertholf: First Commandant of the Coast Guard by C. Douglas Kroll; Before the Wind: The Memoir of an American Sea Captain, 1808-1833 by Charles Tyng; Atlantic Surfman by Edward A. Rand
  • Museum Spotlight: The Old Coast Guard Station at Virginia Beach, Virginia

Volume 5, Number 3 – Wreck & Rescue (November 2002)

  • When Harwich Had to Bury Seven Husbands by Theresa Barbo
  • The Pendleton Rescue by CAPT W. Russell Webster, USCG
  • OBX Odyssey by Jerry Biggs
  • Crossing the Pond by Dennis L. Noble
  • Book Reviews: California Light Stations and Other Aids to Navigation, c.1950 by John Twohy and Jan Mattson; Against the Tide: The Battle for America’s Beaches by Cornelia Dean; The Keeper of Lime Rock by Lenore Skomal; Captain Red by Russell Goldbaum; The Barque of Saviors by Russell Drumm; Rescue on the Outer Banks by Candace F. Ransom, illustrated by Karen Ritz; From Highland to Hammerhead by Charles B. Hathaway
  • Museum Spotlight: Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts

Number 18 – Wreck & Rescue (Winter 2001)

  • Big Shoes to Fill by John J. Galluzzo
  • A Cold Brook and a Fall Outing: USLSSHA 2001 by Jerry Biggs
  • The Lyle Gun as Musical Instrument by Donald L. Canney
  • A Motor Lifeboat in the Desert by Ralph Shanks
  • Book Reviews: Fire on the Beach: Recovering the Lost Story of Richard Etheridge and the Pea Island Life-Savers by David Wright and David Zoby; Images of America: Lighthouses and Life Saving Along the Connecticut and Rhode Island Coast by James Claflin; Coming Back Alive by Spike Walker, U.S. Coast Guard and Revenue Cutters, 1790-1935 by Donald L. Canney; Prints in the Sand: The U.S. Coast Guard Beach Patrol During World War II by Eleanor C. Bishop
  • Museum Spotlight: Kittery Point, Maine

Number 17 – Wreck & Rescue (Fall 2001)

  • New Year’s Eve, 1953 by Dennis L. Noble
  • A Brush With Coast Guard History: At Sea on February 19, 1952 by Bud Cooney
  • “Those Guys Got Plenty of Guts, Take it From Me”: Hilman J. Persson and the Rescue of the Crew of the
  • Trinidad by John J. Galluzzo
  • Book Reviews: The Preservation of Pre-World War Two Coast Guard Architecture in Oregon A Master’s Thesis by David A. Pinyerd
  • Museum Spotlight: Coast Guard Museum Northwest, Seattle, Washington

Number 16 – Wreck & Rescue (Spring 2001)

  • USCG Motor Lifeboat Capsizes on Columbia River Bar by CWO Mark Dobney, USCG
  • The Great Rum War on Long Island by Van R. Field
  • Lest We Forget the Sacrifices They Made, That Others Might Live by John J. Galluzzo
  • Book Reviews: United States Life-Saving Service in Michigan by William D. Peterson; Storm Warriors by Elisa Carbone
  • Museum Spotlight: The Scituate Maritime & Irish Mossing Museum, Massachusetts

Number 15 – Wreck & Rescue (Fall 2000)

  • Annual Meeting on the Great Lakes by John J. Galluzzo
  • William Douglas O’Connor: The Man Who Wrote the Annual Reports by Donna Hill
  • End of an Era by Dennis L. Noble
  • The Tragedy of Motor Lifeboat No. 36542 by Dewey Livingston
  • Point Reyes Coast Guard Station Restores Surfmen’s Cemetery by Ralph Shanks
  • Book Reviews: The Night the Fitz Went Down by Hugh E. Bishop in cooperation with Capt. Dudley Paquette; Lighthouse Keepers & Cutters by Frederick Stonehouse; Haunted Lakes II by Frederick Stonehouse; Guardians of New Jersey’s Shore: Lighthouses and Life-Saving Stations by David Veasey

Number 14 – Wreck & Rescue (Spring 2000)

  • Robert M. Small: The Training of a Life-Saving Service Keeper by Fred Stonehouse
  • Surfman William Drazel: Louisville Floating Life-Saving Station by John J. Galluzzo
  • On Location with Storm Warriors by Tom Garber
  • Captain Ted Richardson, 1922-2000 by Ralph Shanks
  • Book Reviews: Twelve Men Down: Massachusetts Sea Rescues, Old Coast Guard Stations
  • Volume Two: North Carolina, Lifeboat Sailors: The U.S. Coast Guard’s Small Boat Stations, A Life of Service: William Augustus Newell

Number 13 – Wreck & Rescue (Winter 2000)

  • A Sunday Evening in the Pacific Northwest by Dennis L. Noble
  • Gone but not Forgotten: A Great Lakes Life-Saving Station by William Peterson
  • Book Reviews: Lighthouses and Life-Saving Along the Maine and New Hampshire Coast by James Claflin; Hull and Nantasket Beach by The Committee for the Preservation of Hull’s History; Sink or Swim by Carole Boston Weatherford; Rescue From Grampa Woo by Joan Skelton

Number 12 – Wreck & Rescue (Fall 1999)

  • No Disappointment at Cape Disappointment: The USLSSHA Annual Meeting by Ralph Shanks
  • The Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Maurice Gibbs
  • Ida Lewis: Wrecks and Rescues by Donna Hill
  • Preservation and Study of U.S. Coast Guard Lifeboat Stations by Dorothy Wilkinson

Number 11 – Wreck & Rescue (Summer 1999)

  • The Storm of the Century by John J. Galluzzo
  • An Interview with David Dobbins courtesy of Fred Stonehouse
  • The Strange Story of the Bark Elizabeth by Van R. Field
  • Found Heroes: The USCG Lifesaving Medals by Capt. W. Russell Webster, USCG
  • The Making of Storm Warriors by Tom Garber
  • Port Orford Lifeboat Station Listed on the National Register by Ralph Shanks
  • Book Review: Holly From Hatteras by Suzanne Tate

Number 10 – Wreck & Rescue (Winter/Spring 1999)

  • Eight Against Spencer: Individualism in the U.S. Life-Saving Service on Lake Superior by William Peterson
  • Bringing Life Back to the Indian River Inlet Life-Saving Station by Charity Shankle
  • An Outer Banks Outing by Kathleen B. Wyche
  • The Rescue of Chicamacomico by Drew Loizeaux
  • Book Reviews: Lighthouses and Life-Saving Along the Massachusetts Coast by James Claflin; Old Coast Guard Stations Volume One: Pope’s Island to False Cape by Richard L. Chenery, III

Number 9 – Wreck & Rescue (Fall 1998)

  • Joshua James and the Great Storm of November 1898 by John J. Galluzzo
  • The Anna Sophia by William P. Quinn
  • Lake Huron’s Ghostly Surfboat by Fred Stonehouse
  • The Exciting Coast Guard Years: Depoe Bay, Oregon by Ralph Shanks
  • Book Review: Wrecks and Rescues on Long Island by Van R. Field

Number 8 – Wreck & Rescue (Spring & Summer 1998)

  • A Life-Saving Station Adventure For You: The Popham Beach Bed & Breakfast by Ralph Shanks
  • David Atkins, Hero of Cape Cod by Donna Hill
  • “Get the 36 Boat Going, Now!” by Fred Stonehouse
  • Of Locomotives and Lifeboat Stations by Ralph Shanks
  • Book Review: Shipwreck Season by Donna Hill

Number 7 – Wreck & Rescue (Winter 1998)

  • Surfman Attacked and Robbed on Patrol by John J. Galluzzo
  • Rescued From a Wave-Swept Rock edited by Ralph Shanks
  • A New Life for an Old Surfboat by Michael Scherfenstein and Fred Gerard
  • Adventure on Nantucket and Tuckernuck Islands: The USLSSHA Annual Meeting by Ralph Shanks

Number 6 – Wreck & Rescue (Fall 1997)

  • “One of Nature’s Noblemen”: Keeper Walter Nelson Chase of Nantucket by Mary Miles with Maurice Gibbs
  • Coast Guard Children on Thunder Bay Island by Kay Richardson
  • The 26-foot, 8-inch Self-Bailing Self-Righting Self-Bailing, Pulling Lifeboat of the USLSS by William D.
  • Wilkinson
  • The Wreck of the Motorship E. Parks by Edwin Richardson edited by Jerry Biggs

Number 5 – Wreck & Rescue (Summer 1997)

  • The Life-Saving Guns of David Lyle by J. Paul Barnett
  • Henry J. Cleary, the Showman of the Service by Fred Stonehouse

Volume 1, Number 4 – Wreck & Rescue (Spring 1997)

  • Brave Men of Hull by Robert W. Haley
  • African Americans in the U.S. Life-Saving Service by William D. Peterson
  • The Keeper’s Wife Was a Ship Captain by Ralph Shanks
  • How Many People Will a Lifeboat Hold? by Ralph Shanks
  • Only Once on Lake Huron by Fred Stonehouse

Volume 1, Number 3 -Wreck & Rescue (Winter 1996-97)

  • A Grand Time on the Great Lakes by Ralph Shanks
  • A Cape Cod Shipwreck and Rescue by William P. Quinn
  • Surfman Versus Keeper by Dewey Livingston

Volume 1, Number 2 – Wreck & Rescue (Summer 1996)

  • Nantucket Life Saving Museum: Tales of a Maritime Crossroads by Maurice E. Gibbs
  • An Incident at a Life-Saving Station by Dennis L. Noble
  • Braver Men Never Manned a Lifeboat: A Great Lakes Story by Fred Stonehouse

Volume 1, Number 1 – Wreck & Rescue (Spring 1996)

  • Founding of the U.S. Life-Saving Service Heritage Association by Ralph Shanks
  • The Gold Medal Shipwreck by Fred Stonehouse
  • The Face in the Rigging by Maria Wagenbrenner
  • Stairs of a Thousand Tears: The Port Orford Lifeboat Station by Henry Kunowski