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Rescue: True Stories of the U.S. Life-Saving Service

Rescue-Cover The United States Life-Saving Service Heritage Association is proud to present its second collection of writing on the history of life-saving in America: Rescue: True Stories of the U.S. Life-Saving Service. This compilation features a foreword by Fred Stonehouse, and all of the following articles:

Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty

  • 1952: The Pendleton Rescue by CAPT W. Russell Webster, USCG


  • 1820: A Rich Family History: Captain Benjamin Rich and the Mass Humane Society by John J. Galluzzo
  • 1850s: New York Roots: The Life Saving Benevolent Association by Van Field
  • 1854-55: Another Black Hole Filled: The Francis Metallic Surfboat by Frederick T. Stonehouse
  • 1853: Ships Fear Fire More than Water by Carolyn Matthews
  • 1873: Growing Pains and Politics: White Head Lifesaving Station, 1873-1878 by David Gamage

The Golden Era

  • 1880: Discretion is the Better Part of Valor by Frederick T. Stonehouse
  • 1885: Gone But Not Forgotten: A Great Lakes Life-Saving Station by William Peterson
  • 1891: Henry J. Cleary: Showman of the Service by Fred Stonehouse
  • 1893: Shipwrecks on the Jersey Shore: The Henry R. Congdon and Mary F. Kelly by Margaret T. Buchholz
  • 1900: Surfman Attacked and Robbed on Patrol by John J. Galluzzo
  • 1900: Lawrence O. Lawson: An Extraordinary Keeper by Dennis L. Noble
  • 1902: “A Hard Day on All of Us”: Indian River Station and the Wreck of Anna Murray by Bob Trapani, Jr.
  • 1903: Gold Medals on the Jersey Shore by Margaret T. Buchholz
  • 1911: “The Worst Days of a Bad Fall”: Captain Motley and the Surfmen of Middle Island, Michigan, November 1911 by Eric Hartlep
  • 1913: Columbia River Gold Rush: The Rescue of the Rosecrans by Frederick Stonehouse

Enter the Coast Guard

  • 1915: The First Rescue: The Wreck of the Sylvia C. Hall by CDR. John F. Ebersole, USCG (Ret.)
  • 1915: Crossing the Line: The Story of Ocean City’s Jack Jernee by Fred Miller
  • 1920-33: The Great Rum War on Long Island by Van R. Field
  • 1928: Powerless: The Wreck of the Robert E. Lee by John J. Galluzzo
  • 1936: Ordeal in the Ice: The 1936 Rescue at the Charlevoix, MI, Coast Guard Station by Geoffrey D. Reynolds
  • 1951: Leggings, Flat Hats, and Seabags: Coast Guard Boot Camp at Cape May, NJ, 1951 by Frederick “Bud” Cooney
  • 1980: Coast Guard Tape of Harrowing 1980 Rescue off Massachusetts Resurfaces by Captain W. Russell Webster, USCG (Ret.)

A Legacy Continues

  • 2005: Portrait of a Dying Breed: The Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge by Ensign Cara Blasko, USCG
  • 2005: Protecting the Emerald Isle: The Royal National Lifeboat Institution in Ireland by Nicholas Leach
  • 2004: A Day in the Life of Coast Guard Station Point Allerton by John J. Galluzzo
  • 2004: The Lifesavers of Coast Guard Station Tillamook Bay, Oregon by Dennis L. Noble

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