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Power/Motor Lifeboats

34ft. Converted Merryman Type Motor Lifeboat

Almost all of the 34ft. Merryman type motor lifeboats were conversions of previously-built pulling/sailing version lifeboats, with the first conversion in 1899. Self-righting and self-bailing. Dimensions: 34ft. overall length, 8ft. 1.5in. maximum beam, 3ft. 11.5in. depth; 3 or 5 thwarts for 6 or 10 oars rowed in double-banked configuration; two-masts with sprit sail rig of jib, foresail, and mainsail; single 2-cylinder/2-cycle, 400 RPM, 12 HP “Superior” gasoline motor with twin shafts or single shaft; maximum speed 7.5 Statute MPH, 275 nautical mile range; double-diagonal planked wooden hull of Honduran mahogany planks over white oak frames.

36ft. McLellan Type E Motor Lifeboat

Design developed by CAPT Charles McLellan, USRM, with nearly all boats built by the Electric Launch Co., Bayonne, NJ starting in 1908. Self-righting and self-bailing. Dimensions: 36ft. 0in. overall length, 8ft. 7.5in. beam, 4 ft. 2.5in. depth from skin to gunwale amidships; 8 tons displacement; single 6 cylinder, 4 cycle Holmes Automarine gasoline engine of 35-40HP and single propeller; maximum speed just under 10 statute MPH; sailing rig of two masts with foresail, mainsail, and jib plus fore-and-aft lug sails; five thwarts for 10 oars rowed in double-banked configuration; double diagonal planked wooden hull of Honduras mahogany over white oak frames.