Cahoons Hollow Life-Saving Station (1894) Wellfleet, MA

The station's first assigned Keeper was William C. Newcomb, who was appointed on December 12, 1872 at age 48 with 15 years experience as a sea captain. He resigned in 1879, and was followed by Daniel Cole. Cole had been a surfman at the station and was appointed Keeper on October 25, 1879. He served until May 25, 1905 when he was dismissed for physical reasons. Keeper Edward J. Tobin was appointed on May 18, 1905 and retired on July 25, 1924. Chief Petty Officer Henry O. Daniels followed. Then on March 3, 1931, Jasper B. Myers assumed command. He had come from the Portsmouth, NH Harbor station. Chief A.C Tarvers followed him in 1932. Then Alvin Newcomb came from Cuttyhunk Station in 1934, and C.R. Ellis came from Coskata on Nantucket in 1935.

The potential threat to the station is beach erosion following the winter storm seasons because the beach is slowly eroding away at various rates depending on the severity of the storms. The station is on the Endangered Station List because of this threat. It is privately owned and if the cliff it sits on were to erode further, we don’t know what steps the owner might take to protect it. As one can tell from the photographs, there is ample room to move the station further from the edge of the bluff.