Cobb Island Station House

Open to the public

Currently used as a(n) Unknown

The Cobb Island Station House was built in 1938

This Roosevelt Station House was designed by U.S. Coast Guard (P.H.P. & D.K.R)


This station building's condition is Excellent


This station building is not endangered or threatened


This building was Moved

Station closed in 1964. Station house and boathouse were moved by barge to Oyster, VA and renovated in 1999 by the Nature Conservancy, Virginia Coast Reserve. Purchased in 2007 by the World Healing Institute.


Open to the public  - By Appointment

P.O. Box 46
Cape Charles VA 23310

(757) 331-1925

Owner Information

World Healing Institute
P.O. Box 467

Cape Charles, VA 23310

(757) 331-1925

[email protected]

If you have questions, please contact:

Annie Hess
Center Coordinator