Point Arguello Station House

Private - Not open to the public

Currently used as a(n) None

The Point Arguello Station House was built in 1936

This Roosevelt Station House was designed by U.S. Coast Guard (P.H.P. & D.K.R)


This station building's condition is Poor


This station building has been Unaltered


This station building is not endangered or threatened

Station closed in 1952 and was transferred to the Navy in 1958. Station house survives and is part of Vandenberg Air Force Base but is not used.

Station house and Equipment Building were refurbished in 1982-1983.


Vandenberg Air Force Base CA 93437

Owner Information

U.S. Coast Guard
30 SW/PA
747 Nebraska Avenue, Suite A-103
Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA 93437

(805) 606-3595

[email protected]

If you have questions, please contact:

James Carucci, Ph.D.
Staff Archaeologist