Metomkin Inlet Station Site

Unknown, VA

Also known as Metomkin Inlet

The Metomkin Inlet Station Site site was established in 1889


This is not an active site. It was active 1889-1936


This site was closed (in) 1936 (at this site, 1964 at current [2nd] site)


This is the original site location


Designation number: 152

Station closed in 1936 at this site and moved to a new location. 1888 station house was heavily damaged during the August 1933 hurricane but survived at least until 1949.

Station Site Notes:

1888 under contract for construction, to be put into operation before end of fiscal year; 1889 completed and put into operation; 1894 moved because of encroachment of the sea. (USLSS Annual Reports). Station given to Virginia in 1957. It became necessary to acquire a new site because of the encroachment of the sea upon the old station. A new site was acquired in 1894. Twenty years later this site also was encroached upon the sea and the station was in such danger that it had to be moved upon adjoining land in 1914. The present land site of 4.5 acres was acquired in 1914 and in 1933 and the present station was built in 1935. The station was removed from the list of active stations in late 1964 (USCG Historian's Website).

Buildings at this Station Site

There are no surviving station houses at this site.

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