Willapa Bay Station Site

North Cove, WA

Also known as Shoalwater Bay (1876-1902); Willapa Bay (1903-1977)

The Willapa Bay Station Site site was established in 1877


This site was closed (in) 1957 (at this site, 1977 at new [2nd] site)


This is an active site from 1877-1957


This is the original site location


Designation number: 308 (329)

Station closed in 1957 at this site and moved to a new location. 1877 station house was destroyed by a storm in December 2007.

Station Site Notes:

1886 keeper's dwelling erected; 1918 contract awarded for bulkhead protection (USLSS Annual Reports). Station built in 1887; first keeper appointed 11/1877; station occupied a portion of the Lighthouse reservation under a permit dated 10 July 1884. Prior to this apparently station while occupying the same site had no permit to do so. Name changed to Willapa Bay (USCG Historian's Website). Erosion in the North Cove area eventually destroyed the North Cove Station in the mid-20th Century, necessitating a move to nearby Tokeland. Some structures from the Tokeland Station exist today, although its staff was consolidated with Grays Harbor Station in Westport during the 1960s.?

Buildings at this Station Site

There are no surviving station houses at this site.

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