Old Chicago Station Site

Chicago, IL

Also known as Chicago (1874-1892); Chicago Annex (1893-1894); Old Chicago (1895-1940); Chicago (1941-1968)

The Old Chicago Station Site site was established in 1876


This is not an active site. It was active 1876-1966


This site was closed (in) 1968


This is the original site location


Designation number: 291 (280)

Station closed in 1968 and sold to the City of Chicago for use at the Marine Police Station. 1936 station house survives and is the Chicago Police Marine Unit Headquarters. 1876 station house was used by the Coast Guard until 1925 when it was torn down. 1905 station house was torn down in 1933 after being damaged in a fire.

Station Site Notes:

1876 station established and put into operation; 1893 station utilized as an outpost of the new Jackson Park Station during the Exposition; 1895 station, which was used as an adjunct of annex of the new station at Jackson Park, was converted to a fully manned and equipped station; 1902 wharf on which new station will be built is nearly completed, and plans and specifications completed; 1903 new station well underway; 1905 improvements made (USLSS Annual Reports). In August of 1933, the interior of the station was so damaged by fire that it was torn down. Only the boathouse was left in place. New station completed in 1936. In 1966 the Coast Guard abandoned the property, turning it over to the city of Chicago to become the home of the Chicago Police Marine Unit and later Illinois Conservation Police (USCG Historian's Website). In the spring of 1856 after many maritime accidents in the area the government sent a single lifeboat to Chicago. It was placed under the Harbor Engineer and manned by volunteers. It was moored under the Rush Street Bridge until the first Chicago lifeboat station was built. The original Chicago Lifesaving Station was established on May 25th 1877 although alternate reports have it listed as opening in 1876 and was located on the south side of the Chicago River just inside the entrance on Pier #1; in 1905 a new station was ready to be moved into. The original station continued to used to house equipment and apparatus until 1925 when it was torn down. In 1905 a new station was ready to be moved into; in 1933 the station was damaged in a fire and torn down. It was replaced by a new station that was completed in 1936. The station stayed in service until 1969 when it was abandoned by the Coast Guard (Station Website).

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The 1936 station house is surviving at this site

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